00 > Intro 11 > Green Waves Take Off
01 > Surfing Stuff 12 > Trim and Turn
02 > Warming Up 13 > Bottom Turn
03 > Spot Check 14 > Top Turn
04 > Basics 15 > Cut Back
05 > Tides 16 > Duck Dive
06 > Take Off 17 > Floater
07 > Weather and Waves 18 > 360°
08 > Paddling 19 > Tube Ride
09 > Getting Out 20 > Longboarding
10 > Priorities 21 > SUP







00. Introduction.

Surf history, learning how to surf, a few keys to success.




1. Surfing Stuff:

Before you get into the water, some information about your surfing equipment...




2. Warming Up:

It is highly recommended to take a few minutes to warm up before surfing. We tell you how to do it.




3. Spot Check:

Sandy beaches, sandbanks, rocks, currents, channel... we show you how to "read" the surf spot.




4. Basics skills:

Safety, initial gliding  exercices, wave choice, built up speed with the right timing, rough trim, control of the board...




5. Tides:

Low, mid, high tide... to surf successfully, you must follow the tides.




6. Take Off:

Take off is the first great obstacle in surfing. Are you goofy or regular ? We tell you how to succeed.



  7. Weather and Waves: Wave and swell origins, wave periods, on and offshore wind, surf spot, wave circulation, we tell you all you need to know to understand waves better.




8. Paddling:

When surfing, you spend more time on the board in a lying position than in an upright position. We show you how to improve your paddling technique.




9. Getting Out:

When paddling out, you will keep on getting waves coming at you. We show you the best way to overcome them.




10. Priorities:

The safety and right of way rules.




11. Green Waves Take Off:

The more often you'll catch green waves, the more you'll feel the point of acceleration. We show you how to choose the right wave and get good timing.




12. Trim and Turn:

Shoulder surfing, trimming the board, turning, positioning on the wave, pushing to accelerate. Speed and control are the keys to success!



  13. Bottom Turn: Experts Surf the wave vertically. That means that directly on the break edge, ride steeply from the top to the bottom and vertically up again. Learn the basics for this manoeuvre.




14. Top Turn:

While you perfect pushing in the centre of the wave, you will also learn the fundamentals of the top turn...




15. Cut Back:

If the wave is weak or you have surfed too far on to the shoulder, you steer back to the stronger pocket with a cut back.




16. Duck Dive:

If you have mastered the advanced surfing techniques, and have already surfed a small board, it's time for you to dive under the wave like a duck.




17. Floater:

In order to keep contact with the shoulder, you can overcome sections that suddenly change with a floater...




18. 360°:

The ultimate rotation.



  19. Tube Ride




20. Longboarding:

Longboards can perform  manoeuvres like any shortboard.




21. SUP:

Material, basics, basic stroke, braking, arc stroke, paddling at the surf spot...